“Imagination is not the same as creativity.  
Creativity takes the process of imagination to 
another level. To be creative you actually 
have to do something. It involves putting your 
imagination to work to make something new.”
Metropolitan Museum of Art/ Design Studio
Parsons School of Design: Sculpture/ Philip Pavia 
Cooper Union/ Modern Jewelry Design
Gonzalo Fonseca/ Sculptor 
Nicole Gagne/ Jewelry Designer
Jim Hemmel/ Metalsmith Artist  
Museum of Art and Design, New York
Allan Stone Gallery, New York 
Holly Solomon, Small Works, 
Civilization Gallery, New York 
Henri Bendel, New York 
Gallery II/ Jewelry, New York 
Starr M. Gallery, New York 
Museum of Natural History, New York
Knobkerry Gallery, New York
Martha Jones Gallery, New York 
Electra Gallery, New York 
Benson Gallery, East Hampton
Modern Silver Magazine  
Museum of Art and Design, New York
Modern Silver Magazine
Leonard Kahan  Publication
Charles B. Benenson:Accumulating Histories
Yale University Art Gallery
Material: silver, gold, copper, brass, stones, pearls, found objects
Orchid2 Brooch/  SOLD
Please contact me if you fall in love with a
piece, or have any questions or comments:
email: modernistworks@gmail.com
Thank you,  Vinni-Sophia Miller/ Metal Artist
Modernist Works Studio
Allan Stone Gallery
Charles B. Benenson Collection
William W. Brill Collection
Elaine de Kooning Collection 
Paula Cooper Collection
Yale University Collection
Museum of Art and Design
Chrysler Museum of Art
Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago
Nasher Museum of Art 
Georgie Roberts Fine Art
Vera Graaf Collection
Hammond Collection
Marbeth Schon Collection